The Juniper Hill Blues Band

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French Wilderness tour 2003 !

Burnley National Blues Festival 2005 2006

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Available for company functions, pubs, clubs, weddings, you name it. Anything legal considered. Wide repertoire spanning the Blues, Soul, R & B, Rock and Roll, Blues Brothers, and so on. We will make your audience dance except in extreme cases of clinical death. Based in South-West London.

(No chicken-wire gigs please. One was enough - the guitar magazines do not cover playing solos whilst fending off invading drunks with a touch of cold machine-heads. It was like the crowd scene in "Zulu".)


Colin "Not so Fats" Hales. Drums & vocals. Band manager and formerly with "Charles Babbage's All Brass Computing Engine." Inexplicably has a Ph.D in economics. A Professor at Surrey University in the day job, but an animal on the skins and a mean song-writer, although he uses big words which we poor sods at the front can't pronounce. Watch this man go in mid-evening as he showers the audience with a thin layer of wood shavings from his sticks.
Malcolm "Millenium" Watts. A formidable bass man, equally at home jazzing or playing gut-wrenching Chicago blues lines in many bands over the years. A civil engineer by profession, originally engaged on making sure the Millenium Dome was the right way up, so the rain fell off, before being exiled temporarily to a muddy site in deepest Surrey down by the Hogsmill delta. We don't know what he is doing there but we think it either goes over, under or through something.
Jerry "Piano Boy" Lumbers, keyboards, guitar and vocals. Can blast out honky tonk blues piano or Jimmy Smith bowel-moving Hammond lines - this man can actually play on the black keys. Formerly with "the Veroukas", "the Male Menopausal Blues Band" and the engagingly unlikely "Elijah Lumbers and his African Hunt Rhythm", Dr. Lumbers also suffers from the burden of too much education but writes nice toons.
"Desperate" Don Stuart. Alto, tenor, flute, clarinet - an entire wind section in one compact bundle. Been gigging with most kinds of music in most kinds of bands for most kinds of years. Occasionally gets over-excited and plays more than one at once. Also specialises in death-defying leaps over innocent PA monitors and cannot stand cheese. Known in the deep south of France as "le saxo anglais magique". You have been warned.
Les "Narcosis" Hatton. Guitarist, harmonica, vocals and band arranger, trained at London College of Music and once backed Alexis Korner. Once. In fact played in lots of bands once. Inexplicably has a Ph.D. in maths but has now recovered from this early setback. A computer scientist in the day job, sad bastard. Don't engage him in conversation if you want to stay awake - even nerds stay away from him. Also throws javelins, one of nature's harmless eccentrics.

If you are interested in more details of this wonderful band, (like hiring us), please contact us using the details below.

The Juniper Hill Blues Band

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